Youth Jury & Critics Programme

Youth Jury & Critics Programme 2020

The Youth Jury & Critics Programme aims to nurture new film critics who can contribute to Southeast Asian film culture and discourse. This programme provides the opportunity for mentorship in the art of film criticism, while invited speakers also enrich the learning experience by sharing about different types of critics, their role in film culture and what it is like to have a career as a film critic.

In the lead-up to and during the festival, the young critics’ articles and video essays will be published on SGIFF’s Film Academy journal, Stories. The mentor will award one of the young critics with the Young Critic Award for originality of writing and for contributing to cinematic discussions in the region. The programme will culminate in the young jurors awarding the Youth Jury Prize to one of the films competing in the Southeast Asian Short Film Competition during the Silver Screen Awards.


Chris Fujiwara | Japan
Chris Fujiwara has written and edited several books on cinema, including ​Jacques Tourneur: The Cinema of Nightfall (1998), ​The World and Its Double: The Life and Work of Otto Preminger​ (2008) and ​Jerry Lewis​ (2009). He was the editor of ​Undercurrent​, the film-criticism magazine of FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) and a film critic for the ​Boston​ ​Phoenix​, and has contributed to numerous magazines, journals and newspapers. A former artistic director of Edinburgh International Film Festival, Fujiwara has also developed film programmes for other institutions and has organised and served as a mentor for numerous workshops on film criticism and film programming.


Viknesh Kobinathan Programmer, Asian Film Archive, Singapore

Kevin B. Lee Professor of Crossmedia Publishing, Merz Akademie, Germany

Edna Lim Senior Lecturer, English Language and Literature, National University of Singapore

John Lui Senior Correspondent, The Straits Times, Singapore

Thong Kay Wee Programmes and Outreach Officer, Asian Film Archive, Singapore


Kathleen Bu | Filmmaker
Anyone can critique a film, but having the opportunity to learn it professionally comes rarely.

Chan Jonathan Bertram Chiu Yee | Yale University (August ’21)
To read a film is an act of love, a quiet dwelling in sight and sound.

Charles Kurniawan | Marketing
Film theory classes sparked my interest in film criticism and it inspired me to constantly evolve myself as a writer.

Lee Jian Hao Ernest | University of Oxford
The sociohistorical context and afterlives of films intrigue mebut really, Lynch started it.

Li Zhenhong Daryl | Editor
My main interests lie in ideas of spectatorship, genre, memory and culture.

Joshuah Lim | Lasalle College of the Arts
Intrigued by the mysteries of life and why the moving image transcends.

Lim Mei Pei | Nanyang Technological University
Let’s critique films to like them better, and make better ones.

Ng Zu En Casidhe | Yale-NUS College
Film criticism allows me to crystallise the personally resonant aspects of a work.

Euginia Tan | Freelance Writer
I see film criticism as another foray to expand on the potential of textual possibilities.

Teo Xiao Ting | Freelance Writer
I’m curious about the distances and intimacies within (and without) film.

Wong Kar Mun Nicole | Executive, Checkpoint Theatre
Seeing worlds in the quiver of a silence or flicker of light on screen.

Joellene Yap Yu Ean | University of California, Berkeley
Loves coming-of-age, animation and good representation.

Alan Yuen | Nanyang Technological University
I want to write like Ebert and make video essays like Tony Zhou.

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