Film Immersion Programme

A platform to nurture media literacy and appreciation of the film medium and the creative process among our youths, we have designed the Film Immersion Programme for Upper-Secondary, Post-Secondary, and Tertiary Institutions. It consists of 3 main components:


Host a screening OF our travelling showcase of Southeast Asian short films followed by Question & Answer session at your institution’s venue.


School Tours begin till 30 Sep 2021


Learn first-hand what happens behind the scenes of a film festival – become a liaison officer, front-of-house crew, or one of our coverage warriors!

Register between Aug – Mid Oct 2021

Festival Period from late Nov – early Dec


Attend the Festival: Over 100 films from 40 countries; 15 masterclasses, talks, and panel discussions – meet the filmmakers, and learn about their filmmaking journeys.

Register between Oct to Nov 2021

Festival Period from late Nov – early Dec



  • Introduce students to stories that reflect the diversity of our region’s evolving demographics through the screening of impactful and award-winning short films from the Singapore International Film Festival, with an emphasis on the Southeast Asia region.
  • Build and develop film literacy and appreciation of the arts and equip the students with a range of 21st Century competencies and attributes such as Civic Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Skills, Critical and Inventive Thinking.
  • Pursue active learning through dynamic interaction with speakers and presenters during these sessions.



• At the end of the Programme, the students will be informed about Singapore, the region and world.

• Exposure to a range of experiences, viewpoints and narratives that will enrich their knowledge of the world and better prepare them for the future.

• Nurture and deepen appreciation for Singapore films and cultivate support for our own cinema. Films serve as a discovery platform for new types of films for students.


The Smell of Coffee
Directed by Nishok Nishok
2020 | 12 min | PG

In the wake of his grandfather’s passing, Raga accompanies his grieving grandmother. A faint yet familiar smell piques his curiosity, leading him on a journey of self-discovery in the fading apartment.

To Calm the Pig Inside
Directed by Joanna Vasquez Arong
2020 | 19 min | PG

Myths and memories meet in this contemplation of a typhoon’s devastation on a seaside city.

Directed by Mathias Choo
2020 | 18 min |PG

Ten-year-old Samuel takes it upon himself to save his parents’ marriage by recreating a precious shared memory.

A Trip to Heaven
Directed by Duong Dieu Linh
2020 | 15 min | PG

Fifty-year-old Mdm Tam joins a bus tour to the Mekong Delta with a friend. On the trip, she bumps into her high school sweetheart and embarks on a mission of reconciliation.

Sexy Sushi
Directed by Calleen Koh & Amanda Teo
2020 | 3 min | PG13

Life on a conveyor belt seems great for Sushi and his Topping friends. But as he begins to contemplate his existence, Sushi wonders if there’s more to life than pimping himself out to savage consumers.

Nursery Rhymes
Directed by Michael Kam
2020 | 10 min | PG13

Drawing inspiration from his memories of his grandmothers, Michael Kam imagines their childhood spent under different imperialist rule.

Holding on Letting Go
Directed by Lionel Seah
2020 | 14 min | PG

After the death of her beloved grandmother, Ting struggles to cope with the loss, unsure of the lively funeral rituals. But, beneath strong appearances, everyone copes with grief differently.

Directed by Shoki Lin
2020 | 14 min | PG

Tired of his turbulent family life, Adam seeks out an alternative arrangement in hopes of finding his place.



• Building on the exposure provided above by being a Volunteer during the active period of the Singapore International Festival (2 weeks).
• Experience the real-time organization and running of a internationally recognized Film Festival, by being a part of the Front of House, Hospitality, and Photography teams of the SGIFF.
• Learn what happens behind the scenes of a festival, meet industry professionals and be among the first audiences in Singapore to watch some of the best new independent films.


• Through Volunteering, the students will practice and develop Communication, Collaboration and Information skill.



Front of House

Photography & Videography Coverage

Social Media Warriors



• Students will have an opportunity to immerse themselves by attending film screenings, masterclasses and talks during the Film Festival (end Nov – early Dec). Special student packages will be available for bulk booking.
• They will get to interact with the directors-in- attendance and guest filmmakers, learn from their experiences about filmmaking and also insights about the films they have just watched.


• An understanding and appreciation of the art and craft of Film and the rich potential of the medium as a powerful tool of expression, communication and community building.
• Develop understanding, critical thinking and the ability to query, and seek answers and solutions.


Beyond film screenings, the Festival offers a range of events delivered by guest directors, producers, actors and industry experts.


Explore the stories of Southeast Asia and the world through independent films that celebrate and challenge the art of storytelling in cinema.

Development Programme

Initiated in 2014, SGIFF’s Youth Jury & Critics Programme aims to nurture and guide a generation of young writers on cinema from the region.


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