Southeast Asian Documentary Grant

The Tan Ean Kiam Foundation-SGIFF Southeast Asian-Documentary (SEA-DOC) Grant aims to support the production and post-production of engaging stories told through the art of documentary filmmaking in Southeast Asia. The grant supports four mid-length or feature documentaries annually—two production projects with a cash amount of S$30,000 awarded to each recipient and two post-production projects with a cash amount of S$20,000 awarded to each recipient.

Submissions for the grants in the 2021 cycle are now closed. Thank you for your interest!

READING PANEL (1 DEC 2020 to 15 FEB 2021)


Amir Muhammad is a Malaysian movie producer and book publisher. The documentaries he has directed include The Last Communist (2006) and Village People Radio Show (2007), both banned in Malaysia. He is a partner of Da Huang Pictures, whose most recent film is Tan Chui Mui’s Barbarian Invasions (2021). His company Kuman Pictures has completed three low-budget horror films, including Roh (2019) which was theatrically released in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Cambodia. His publishing company Buku Fixi has published over 200 books since 2011.

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Thong Kay Wee is a cultural worker and moving image curator based in Singapore. He is currently the Programme Director at the Singapore International Film Festival, where he is responsible for the festival’s overall programming strategy. He was previously the Programmes and Outreach Officer at the Asian Film Archive (AFA) from 2014 to 2021. Aside from overseeing partnerships and promotions, he was responsible for establishing the AFA’s regular film programmes at its new dedicated cinematheque since 2019, with a focus on both contemporary and classic Asian film selections. During his tenure at the AFA, he also developed and presided over new specialised programmes such as the Southeast Asian omnibus film Fragment (2015), the exhibition Celluloid Void: The Lost Films of Southeast Asia (2015 – 2016), the Asian Restored Classics film festival (2016 – 2019), the multidisciplinary arts exhibition series State of Motion (2016 – 2021) commissioned by the National Arts Council of Singapore, the film programme Singular Screens (2018 – 2021) presented as part of the Singapore International Festival of the Arts, and the commissioning Asian cinema essay project Monographs in 2020.


Based in Taiwan, Wood Lin is the Programme Director of the Taiwan International Documentary Festival. He has served as juror at numerous international film festivals, including the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, Dokufest, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Golden Horse Award and Taipei Film Festival.